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AUROOM BAIA INDOOR SAUNA Thermory AuroomBaia.png



$7,647.75 $10,324.46

Auroom Garda Outdoor Sauna by Thermory Thermory sergeizjuganov-img-3153-copy-1-scaled.jpg Auroom Garda Outdoor Sauna by Thermory Thermory garda-alps-3a.jpg

Auroom Garda Outdoor Sauna by Thermory



Auroom Arti Outdoor Sauna by Thermory Thermory outdoor-sauna-arti-auroom-1200-4-1.jpg Auroom Arti Outdoor Sauna by Thermory Thermory arti-245x280-in-nature2-auroom-1920-e1591305188320.jpg

Auroom Arti Outdoor Sauna by Thermory



Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna by Thermory Thermory mg-5380-1920x1280-1024x683.jpg Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna by Thermory Thermory auroom-natura-single-medium1-1024x724.jpg

Auroom Natura Outdoor Sauna by Thermory



Auroom Saunas

A note from Auroom

At Auroom we have a long-standing passion for wood and believe in pure, clean, modern design that is perfected to the very last detail. Powered by our dedication and craftsmanship, our saunas are tailored to meet your every desire and offer you an unforgettable wellness experience.All Auroom saunas are handcrafted at our own production facility in Estonia. We combine an innovative leadership team with experienced craftsmen and state-of-the-art technology for a production process that exhibits mastery right down to the finest details. All of this means that you’re guaranteed a relaxing experience each and every time you use your Auroom sauna.
With our team of 75 people, we produce around 1,200 ready-made saunas every year.

What Makes Auroom Saunas Special?

Our custom approach
We have a standard collection of saunas to choose from – but there’s no need to let that limit your wellness experience, because all Auroom saunas are 100% customizable. That means that whatever you need your sauna to be – whether that be indoor or outdoor, traditional or infrared – we’ll work with you to meet your exact specifications, whatever materials you prefer and wherever you want to place it. In other words, we’ll help you create your very own personalized sauna.
Our team will handle the whole process for you, from idea to execution – we’ll consult with you on the design of your custom-made sauna, creating 3D designs and detailed drawings before producing the sauna for you.

Exceptional quality
Quality is at the core of what we do from start to finish. Our in-house production methods help us to refine our processes and guarantee high levels of quality while also receiving input directly from our customers. We combine your guidance and preferences with our expertise to create beautifully designed, skillfully produced saunas that offer a perfect experience every time.
Every single Auroom sauna undergoes a trial installation and rigorous quality control, so even the slightest visual imperfections are ironed out. Meanwhile, our after-sales service offers technical support, components, materials and installation to ensure that you’re never left on your own.

Our design principles
When it comes to sauna design, an aesthetically pleasing look is just as important as a high level of craftsmanship and the detailing that goes into its creation. Auroom’s standard sauna designs are created by experienced and talented Italian designer Luca Donazzolo
The sensation of being in the sauna is, of course, an essential part of the experience too, and Auroom’s collaboration with Luca has ushered in a higher quality level for our saunas, offering you something truly special to both please the eye and soothe the soul. While adhering to some central design principles, such as combining pure, clean lines with harmonious looks, we also wanted to explore the use of edgier, more attractive materials, leading to a sauna that will leave you, your loved ones and your guests feeling simply wonderful.

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