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Sauna Bench Boards - Profile SHP by Thermory

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Introducing the SHP Sauna Bench Board Profile, the epitome of sleek design and functional elegance, tailored for those looking to elevate the luxury and comfort of their sauna seating. Crafted in a smooth S4S (Surfaced on Four Sides) configuration with four eased edges, this profile is available in Aspen, Alder, and Thermo-Aspen, enabling you to customize your sauna benches to match your specific design and comfort desires.

The SHP profile redefines sauna seating with its meticulous finish and attention to detail. The softened edges not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also enhance user comfort, making every moment spent in the sauna a luxurious experience. Its refined appearance harmonizes beautifully with the serene environment of your sauna, inviting relaxation and serenity.


  • Wood Types: Choose from Aspen, Alder, or Thermo-Aspen to personalize the ambiance and tactile experience of your sauna benches.
  • Smooth S4S Configuration: Each bench board is surfaced on four sides for a uniformly smooth finish that is visually appealing and pleasant to the touch.
  • Four Eased Edges: The gently rounded edges of the SHP profile ensure enhanced comfort and safety, reducing the risk of splinters and sharp corners.
  • Customizable Dimensions: Available in various sizes to accommodate different sauna layouts and bench designs.
  • Simple Installation: Designed for easy integration into your sauna setup, ensuring a snug and secure fit that promotes durability and longevity.


Choose from our selection of high-quality woods, each offering unique benefits to your sauna environment:

  • Aspen: Known for its light, serene hues, Aspen wood creates a bright and airy atmosphere, enhancing the sense of space and tranquility.
  • Alder: With its warmer tones, Alder wood adds a cozy, inviting feel to your sauna, perfect for creating a comfortable retreat.
  • Thermo-Aspen: Treated for enhanced durability and featuring a rich golden brown color, Thermo-Aspen brings a luxurious warmth and elegance to your sauna benches.

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