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Sauna Wall Boards - Profile STS10 by Thermory

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Introducing the Sauna Magnolia Wall Paneling, featuring the elegant STS10 profile, designed to transform your interior spaces with a touch of natural sophistication. Ideal for wall paneling applications, this product offers a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, perfect for enhancing the ambiance of any sauna. Crafted from the exquisite Magnolia species, these panels boast a medium modification strength and a beautiful, smooth texture, all while presenting a rich brown color that exudes warmth and tranquility.

With a focus on creating a serene and harmonious environment, the Sauna Magnolia Wall Paneling comes unoiled, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to stand front and center. The STS10 profile ensures a modern and sleek appearance, complementing the smooth texture and inviting color palette of the Magnolia wood.


  • Use and Application: Specifically designed for interior use, particularly as wall paneling to enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of your space.
  • Finish and Texture: Delivered unoiled to emphasize the Magnolia wood's natural charm, coupled with a smooth texture for a refined look.
  • Profile: The STS10 profile offers a contemporary design, ensuring a stylish and cohesive appearance.
  • Color and Species: Crafted from Magnolia, known for its captivating brown color, adding depth and warmth to your interior.
  • Coverage and Dimensions: Offers a coverage of 6.2 inches, with a width of 6.7 inches and a thickness of .56 inches, tailored for effective and aesthetic wall coverage.
  • Installation: Features a hidden installation type with a staple method, ensuring a clean and seamless look without visible fasteners.


The Sauna Magnolia Wall Paneling is not just about its stunning looks but also about its practicality and ease of installation. With detailed attention to every aspect, from the choice of wood species to the precision of its dimensions, this paneling solution is designed to offer both beauty and performance in sauna environments:

  • Species: Magnolia, celebrated for its durability and elegant brown hue.
  • Finish: Unoiled surface to showcase the wood's natural beauty and smooth texture.
  • Profile: STS10, for a modern and streamlined wall application.
  • Installation Type: Hidden, with a staple method for a flawless finish.

Need help?

Check out our calculator below! Our team is here to assist you with any questions about our Sauna Magnolia Wall Paneling or to guide you through the installation process. Reach out to us for expert advice and support.

Sauna Wall Calculator

Use this calculator to quickly find out how many boards you need to cover a sauna wall. Enter the wall's width and height, choose the boards' installation orientation (vertical or horizontal), and select your preferred board type. The calculator automatically determines the total number of boards needed, including a 12% waste factor for cuts and adjustments. It also recommends the optimal board length for your project. If your project requires a length beyond our offerings, we suggest contacting us for further assistance.

Don't forget to calculate each wall within your sauna and add up the boards required for the entire sauna. 

Sauna Wall and Ceiling Board Calculator

Sauna Ceiling Calculator

This calculator helps you figure out the necessary amount of boards to cover the sauna ceiling by considering the width and depth you provide. It assumes the boards will span across the shorter of the two dimensions, which helps enhance the ceiling's appearance and structural integrity. After inputting your ceiling's dimensions and selecting the board type, you'll receive the calculated total board count, factoring in a 12% waste allowance. Additionally, it suggests the suitable board length to efficiently cover the span of your ceiling. If the project demands sizes beyond our standard range, we recommend getting in touch for specialized guidance.


Answer a few questions and let our quiz guide you to the perfect sauna for your needs.


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