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About Us


We are Alex and Tim; operators of Finnish Sauna Builders.

How did we get here?  That is a story of dedication, commitment and a love of Sauna Bathing.

We have taken our combined 10 years of Steam and Sauna industry knowledge to create a company that is dedicated to the art and science of Sauna Bathing.


Alex’s background is in the design and engineering of Sauna Bathing environments and all of the accessories that elevate the bather’sAlex Layoff experience. Alex has spent the last 5 years honing his craft by inspecting and testing most any feature of the sauna room.  Alex has extensive
experience importing unique products from Finland, Estonia and around the world.  This has enabled him to see the cutting-edge products that are offered throughout the world and bring them to our customers.

Alex’s other specialty is in the design and installation of custom Sauna Rooms that he creates for our clients.  He has the ability to consult and design unique bathing spaces for Fitness Centers, Residential Developments and Private Homes.

As a man of many talents, Alex is also responsible for all of the technological advances that are needed to run a successful Consult, Design, Supply and Build company.  This includes all of the processes that are needed to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

His love of all things Sauna has enabled him to become an expert in the field of Sauna design, installation and company operations.


Tim Zilis

Tim’s background in sales has allowed him the opportunity to consult and partner with some of the country’s best Health and Fitness Centers, Resorts, Hotels and High-Rise Developments.  He also has an extensive history of working with homeowners to design and create sauna rooms that will fit any budget.

Understanding the needs and vision of the client and then creating the ideal bathing space is what drives Tim’s love of bathing.  To create the best results, it's essential to instill a consultative approach in the process.  Tim will work closely with designers and architects as well as the homeowner to create the perfect spa environment

As an avid bather, Tim has had the opportunity to experience sauna spa facilities across the country and around the world.  His love of sauna has led him to search out the very best experiences and then apply those experiences to give his clients the very best that the industry has to offer. 


With the help of Larry Bowers, a masterful sales and customer support specialist who is managing the Illinois territory, our team is prepared to deliver consultation, education and the very best prices and selection of traditional Finnish Saunas, Infra-Red Saunas and outdoor Barrel Saunas.

Larry Bowers


Tim, Alex and Larry’s ability to create a vision for the client and then, find the design and products to fulfill the vision is what sets us apart from others. 

Tim and Alex’s partnership brings together real-world experience and extensive industry knowledge to create the perfect team to Consult, Design, Supply and Build most any Sauna project.    

Larry, Tim, and Alex


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