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Aroma Designer Steamhead

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Transform your steam shower into a luxurious sanctuary with Mr. Steam's Aroma Designer Steamhead. Available in two sleek shapes - square and round, and 11 stunning finishes, our steamhead seamlessly blends with any bathroom decor, adding a touch of elegance to your steam shower experience. Made with solid brass, this steamhead is built to last and exudes a feeling of opulence. 

But that's not all - with our Aroma Designer Steamhead, you can create a spa-like environment in the comfort of your own home. Infuse your steam shower with your favorite essential oils to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Simply add a few drops of your preferred oil to the designated well in the steamhead and let the natural scents work their magic. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or energize yourself for the day ahead, our Aroma Designer Steamhead offers the perfect solution. 

In addition to its stunning design and aromatherapy benefits, our Aroma Designer Steamhead also delivers a consistent and invigorating steam experience, thanks to its specially designed air-injection system. This system creates a more voluminous, evenly distributed steam, enhancing the overall steam shower experience. 

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation with Mr. Steam's Aroma Designer Steamhead. 


Upgrade your steam shower experience with the Mr. Steam Aroma Designer Steamhead, designed to provide an invigorating and soothing aromatherapy experience. Here are some of the key features of this product in more detail: 

  • Even Distribution of Steam while Remaining Cool to the Touch: The Aroma Designer Steamhead is designed to distribute steam evenly throughout your shower while maintaining a comfortable temperature. The steamhead remains cool to the touch, ensuring that you can safely and comfortably enjoy your steam shower. 
  • No Field Assembly Required: Unlike some steamheads on the market, the Aroma Designer Steamhead requires no field assembly. This means that it can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for additional parts or complicated instructions. 
  • No Moving Parts: The Aroma Designer Steamhead is built to last, with no moving parts that can wear out or break down over time. This ensures that your steamhead will continue to function smoothly and efficiently, providing you with a consistent and enjoyable steam shower experience. 
  • Integrated Aromatherapy Oil well for in Shower Use: The Aroma Designer Steamhead features an integrated aromatherapy oil well that allows you to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the steamhead. This feature allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while you shower, helping to soothe your senses and promote relaxation. 

Overall, the Aroma Designer Steamhead is an excellent addition to any steam shower, offering a range of features and benefits that are sure to enhance your shower experience. Whether you're looking to relax and unwind after a long day or invigorate your senses before heading out, the Aroma Designer Steamhead is the perfect choice for you. 


Experience the ultimate indulgence in your steam shower with Mr. Steam's Aroma Designer Steamhead, which includes the following: 

  • Aroma Designer Steamhead that features even steam distribution while remaining cool to the touch, requires no field assembly, and comes with an integrated aromatherapy oil well for in-shower use. 
  • 2-Year Warranty for consumers' use, ensuring that you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your steam shower worry-free. 
  • Installation and Operation Manual, making it easy to set up and use your Aroma Designer Steamhead. 


Mr. Steam's Aroma Designer Steamhead is available in three different shapes and multiple finishes: 


  • Round - 103937 
  • Square - 104040 
  • Rounded Square – 104104 

Model #104104 is compatible with AirTempo, iSteam, and black/white facia iTempo and iTempoPlus. 

Finish Styles: 

  • Brushed Bronze 
  • Brushed Nickel 
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze 
  • Polished Brass 
  • Satin Brass 
  • Polished Chrome 
  • Polished Nickel 
  • Black (available for iSteam, black/white fascia iTempo and iTempoPlus with matching glass face and chrome trim only; for AirTempo, select black with a decorative finish) 
  • White (available for iSteam, black/white fascia iTempo and iTempoPlus with matching glass face and chrome trim only; for AirTempo, select white with a decorative finish) 
  • Matte Black 
  • RAW Custom Plating 

If you're using AirTempo, please choose black or white with a decorative finish. However, please note that for iSteam, black/white fascia iTempo, and iTempoPlus, only matching glass face and chrome trim are available. 


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