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AutoFlush (MS 81500E)

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Are you looking for a way to extend the life of your steam shower generator and ensure that it delivers the best possible performance every time you use it? Look no further than Mr. Steam's AutoFlush. This innovative accessory is designed to keep your steam shower system in top condition, so you can enjoy a consistently high-quality steam experience every time. 

At the heart of the AutoFlush system is its automatic self-cleaning function, which promotes a long and healthy life for your steam generator by flushing out any sediment or build-up that may accumulate over time. With AutoFlush, you don't have to worry about manually cleaning your steam generator after each use, as the system takes care of everything for you in the background. 

The AutoFlush system is exclusive to Mr. Steam and is designed to work seamlessly with all Mr. Steam steam shower generators. The system automatically flushes the generator of sediment two hours after every steam bath, ensuring that you always get clean steam every time you use your steam shower. 

With AutoFlush, you can enjoy a worry-free and luxurious steam shower experience, knowing that your steam shower system is always in top condition. So, if you want to protect your investment and get the most out of your steam shower system, consider adding Mr. Steam's AutoFlush to your setup today. 


If you want to ensure your steam shower system is always in top shape, Mr. Steam's AutoFlush is the accessory you need. Here are the key features that make it a must-have for every steam shower owner: 

  • Clog-free Operation - The AutoFlush system is equipped with a ½" electronically activated valve that ensures impurities are flushed out without any small openings that could potentially get clogged. Plus, it operates quietly and efficiently. 
  • Automatic Flushing - The AutoFlush system takes care of flushing old water and impurities from your steam generator after every session, so you don't have to worry about pushing any buttons to start the draining process. 
  • Easy Installation - With its plug and play design, the AutoFlush system can be easily installed, making it hassle-free to enjoy a clean and well-maintained steam shower system right away. 
  • Reliable Performance - The AutoFlush system is exclusively designed to work seamlessly with all Mr. Steam steam shower generators, guaranteeing reliable performance and a consistently high-quality steam experience every time. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cleaning and maintaining your steam shower system with Mr. Steam's AutoFlush. Upgrade your steam shower experience with this must-have accessory today! 


  • Shipping Weight: 6 lbs.
  • AC and DC Voltage: 24V AC and 24V DC power
  • Steam Line Connection: 1/2" NPT (National Pipe Thread) fitting 
  • Drain Connection: 1/2" NPT fitting
  • Control Connection: 3-pin plug-in connector
  • Generator Control Cable: 21-1/2" long, 2 conductors, 18 AWG, and shielded
  • Width: 3-1/4" 
  • Depth: 2-1/2"
  • Height: 4-1/4"


When you purchase Mr. Steam's AutoFlush, you can expect to receive the following items in the box: 

  • AutoFlush Valve Assembly with Mounting Bracket - This is the primary component of the AutoFlush system that flushes impurities from your steam generator after each use. 
  • Control Box with Mounting Bracket - The control box is responsible for initiating the flushing process and keeping the system running smoothly. It comes with mounting brackets for easy installation. 
  • 21-1/2" Generator Control Cable - This cable connects the AutoFlush system to your steam generator and allows the two systems to communicate seamlessly. 
  • 10' Interface Cable - The interface cable is used to connect the AutoFlush control box to your steam shower control system. 
  • Power Supply - This is the power source for the AutoFlush system and ensures that it runs smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Rubber Hose - This hose is used to connect the AutoFlush valve to your steam generator. 
  • Hose Clamp - The hose clamp ensures that the rubber hose stays securely attached to the AutoFlush valve. 
  • Screw and Wall Anchors for Mounting Control Box - These items are included to make it easy to mount the control box to the wall near your steam shower. 
  • Installation and Operation Manual - This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions for installing and using the AutoFlush system, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. 


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