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Harvia Rounded Sauna Stones Gentle Steam for a Mellow Sauna Experience

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Harvia Rounded Sauna Stones are meticulously selected olivine diabase stones, designed to emulate the naturally rounded stones found in the great rapids. These stones, ideal for use in all types of sauna heaters, introduce a soft steam method, enhancing your sauna experience with a more gentle touch. The 5-10 cm stones are specially designed to increase the surface area for water to generate a more soothing steam, perfect for magnificent, mellow sauna baths.


  • Elegant rounded sauna heater stones crafted from olivine diabase.
  • Provide a softer, more gentle steam compared to traditional stones.
  • Loosely pile to ensure optimal air circulation and extend heater life.
  • Ideal for heaters with a smaller stone capacity, especially when used with angular stones at the base for better heat generation.
  • Selected for purity, free from harmful ingredients, and safe to use.
  • Enhance your sauna's ambiance with stones that mimic nature's own.

Product Details

Each box of Harvia Rounded Sauna Stones weighs 15 kg and contains stones sized 5-10 cm. The stones are gray olivine diabase, known for their heat retention and durability. These stones are perfect for anyone looking to achieve a smooth and relaxing sauna experience with a touch of natural elegance. (Heater and accessories sold separately.)


Feature Details
Stone Material Olivine Diabase
Stone Size 5-10 cm
Box Weight 15 kg
Net Weight 14.87 kg (33 lbs)
Color Gray

Usage Instructions

To achieve the best results with Harvia Rounded Sauna Stones, we recommend using angular stones in the bottom layers of your heater for more efficient heating and rounded stones on the top for softer steam. Always check your heater's manual to confirm the correct stone size for your specific model.


Harvia Sauna Stones are selected with care to ensure they are clean and safe for sauna use. Their rounded shape allows for water to flow smoothly, creating a softer löyly, while their composition ensures they can withstand the high temperatures of sauna use without releasing any harmful substances.


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