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Incorporate Style and Design to Create a Truly Custom Sauna Room

Incorporate Style and Design to Create a Truly Custom Sauna Room

We spend more time and effort on home interior design than ever before. We are now able to create the exact look and feel of every aspect of our home. Why not apply the same attention to detail with the design of your own custom sauna room?

The days of using a pine “hot-box” as your personal sauna are behind us. With today’s new construction materials, you can create the precise look and feel that you desire. Let’s look at some of the materials that can be used to set your sauna apart from the typical sauna found at most health clubs.

Unconventional materials such as glass, stone and slate are becoming popular. These materials are challenging traditions and giving people a luxurious feel maximizing space and light.

Your sauna does not need to be a closed dark room. You can incorporate a sauna into your bathing space by using an all-glass fascia. This provides openness and light into the sauna room and is a beautiful design feature that will allow your sauna to blend into the decor of your Master Bath, creating a complete home spa.

A first impression makes all the difference. Never underestimate the benefit of the proper sauna door.

There are many styles and designs of sauna doors that are available to the consumer.

An all-wood cedar door is a very traditional look. Adding glass opens up the room and lets in ambient light. Of course, this also reduces the privacy and solitude that a solid wood door can provide.

The other end of the spectrum is a clear all glass sauna door. This is a very popular choice as it creates a very open feel in the sauna. It also allows you to show off the beautiful cedar room that you worked so hard to create.

The very most important part of any sauna door is the handle. We always want a wood interior handle to prevent any burning that could occur with a metal handle. You can, if desired match the interior wood handle with a beautiful metal exterior handle to match the decor of the adjoining rooms.

Glass can also be used to open the sauna room to the outside. What better way to relax than enjoying a sauna in a beautiful scenery or garden?

Incorporating a stone wall behind the heater adds to the depth of the sauna and can be a great eye-catching feature. It can enhance the design of the room and become a beautiful focal design feature in the sauna room. A stone wall is also a nice way to soften the heat in the room as the warm tile will help to radiate soft heat across the room. Finally, a stone wall behind the heater can help limit the aging of the wood typically found behind the hot heater wall.

A contrasting dark wood such as heat-treated Alder is a way to add depth and pop to wood in your sauna room. The chocolate alder can be used as contrasting boards in the benching or as detail trim work throughout the sauna. Mixing dark wood walls with light poplar benches can create a stunning focal point.

Lighting is a design feature that cannot be overlooked. The choice for lighting is endless. You can utilize thin led strip lighting under the benches to create a beautiful “glow” that is easy on the eyes. If you decide to incorporate color LED lighting you will have an endless array of colors available to you. This will allow you to set the exact mood desired. Whether it is a red light chroma-therapy or simply showing the pride of your school colors. You can even create an image of the night sky by utilizing fiber optic twinkle star lights. The endless array of lighting options allows you to create the exact look and feel desired.

And finally, do not overlook the details of the accessories. You can now choose from an assortment of fashionable, high-quality bucket and ladles. To truly complete the appearance package, choose a matching hygrometer, thermometer and towel hook.

Forget the simple and boring saunas of years past. Today’s sauna can be customized to create the exact environment that you desire.

Keep the Heat on!


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