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Indoor Sauna Room with HUUM electric sauna heater

Installation of a Panel Built Almost Heaven Pinnacle Indoor Sauna Room with HUUM Electric Sauna Heater System

You might be wondering what it takes to install a panel-built sauna room in your own home.

Our recent experience helping a customer install their very own indoor sauna will help to answer all your questions.  Whether you plan to build it yourself or have our installation team build it for you, the steps and the result will be the same. 

Let’s start by defining what a panel-built sauna room is.  A panel-built sauna room is manufactured and assembled in the controlled environment of a woodshop.  It is then carefully taken apart and numbered for easy re-assembly.  The room is then crated up and shipped by truck to you for easy re-assembly.  The room is built in 2-foot paneled sections for easy construction.  Simply follow the included installation manual (which has photos for those of us that are not good with written directions), and the room will go together like one large puzzle.

The sauna rooms are typically made from Cedar wood, which we feel is the best material for a sauna room, although other woods such as Fir can be used. 

You start by building a square base, which the sauna will rest on.  Next, set each 2-foot paneled section into place and secure with the included screws.  Drop in the upper and lower sauna bench, attach the included backrest and optional led sauna light kit and complete the walls by setting the sauna glass door and included glass panels into place.  Complete the sauna room by setting the crown in place, securing with the included screws. You have now completed the sauna room construction all that is left to do is mount and install the sauna room heating system. 

The sauna heating system is an equally important piece to this big sauna puzzle. One of the benefits of purchasing your Almost Heaven Sauna from us is that you have your choice of heater manufacturers.  From the tried-and-true Finlandia Sauna Heaters with on-board controls to the Harvia Kip sauna heaters with external Xenio controls as well as the elegant and design forward style of the HUUM Drop beehive style sauna heater with external digital Wi-Fi enabled controller, there is a sauna heater package to fit any budget and any design style.

The installation of the sauna heater is not complicated, but it is best left to the experts.  Always hire a certified electrician to install your electric sauna heater.  We are always happy to provide the installation manual to the sauna heater of your choice to give to your electrician to review prior to installation.  We want you to get it right! 

Our experience is that the entire project can be completed in one day.  What a great weekend project and what a great result!  The sauna room can be moved later by reversing the steps to take the room apart.  This is a great solution for anyone that does not have the space or budget for a custom built-in sauna room. 

Let our team help you to have the best sauna experience possible.  If you have questions, we will have the answers.

Keep the Heat On!

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