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Jun 21, 2024

Sauna Financing Options with Finnish Sauna Builders

Emma Sivess

Your sauna experience starts with transparency and support, setting the foundation for many peaceful moments to come.

Jun 20, 2024

Sauna and Cold Plunge Benefits Explained by Finnish Sauna Builders

Emma Sivess

Our team at Finnish Sauna Builders offers the best solutions for installing a sauna and cold plunge tub in your home.

Jun 17, 2024

Modern Outdoor Sauna: The Finnish Sauna Builders' Guide to Choosing the Best Sauna for Your Backyard

Emma Sivess

Another trend in the outdoor sauna market is the increasing demand for modern and innovative designs. 

Jun 14, 2024

How to Clean a Sauna

Emma Sivess

Maintaining a clean sauna can be challenging. Addressing issues like tough buildup, persistent odors, and damaged surfaces ensures your sauna stays in top condition.

Jun 13, 2024

Finnish Sauna Builders: Your Guide to Steam Saunas

Emma Sivess

Today's sauna heaters are more efficient and effective than ever before, and there are many different types to choose from. 

Jun 12, 2024

Finnish Sauna Builders: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Barrel Sauna Plans

Emma Sivess

At Finnish Sauna Builders, we offer a wide selection of high-quality barrel sauna kits to suit your needs.

Jun 11, 2024

Finnish Sauna Builders: The Perfect Indoor Home Sauna Solution

Emma Sivess

Owning an indoor home sauna can provide numerous benefits for you and your family.

Jun 10, 2024

Finnish Sauna Builders: The Indoor Sauna Kit You Need

Emma Sivess

All of our sauna kits are designed to meet or exceed these standards, with high-quality insulation and fire-resistant materials.

Jun 9, 2024

The Best Barrel Sauna Kit for Your Home Sauna

Emma Sivess

When considering purchasing a barrel sauna kit, cost is an important factor to consider. 

Jun 8, 2024

Finnish Sauna Builders: Reshaping Self-Care Trends with Sauna Barrels

Emma Sivess

Sauna barrel is a great addition to your backyard, but it's important to keep safety in mind to ensure a comfortable and secure experience. 

Jun 7, 2024

The Benefits of Infrared Barrel Sauna

Emma Sivess

Additionally, infrared barrel saunas are made from high-quality materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Jun 6, 2024

Finnish Sauna Builders: The Benefits of a Thermory Barrel Sauna

Emma Sivess

Thermory barrel saunas are designed to be thermally efficient. The barrel shape of the sauna allows for better air circulation, which means that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the sauna.
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